Oh for a single tongue to sing my great redeemer's praise

When we’re in a new land, trying to learn a language so that we can talk to people, we’re aching for a tongue to tell people about how wonderful he is.

Back in the day people used to call a language a “tongue,” and that’s a pretty accurate representation of how crucial it is.

It takes months, even years to grow this new tongue that can freely talk about his grace and good news to people who desperately need to hear it.

This hunger, this aching to praise him in conversations with these people is what drives us to learn the language. 

“Oh for just one tongue to be able to tell these people about God’s amazing gift in Jesus!!”

Imagine being in love with someone, but being unable to talk and tell them or anyone else how you feel.

Imagine being a doctor, watching some young kid die on the operating table, knowing the cure but being unable to give a single direction to save their life.

Then combine those two feelings…

That’s probably something like what it feels like to be in these unreached places, aching to know the language.

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