The Joy of Living for Something Impossible

There’s something so wonderful about being in a place you don’t naturally belong, and being given a task that’s not naturally feasible or even possible.

Your confidence in your natural self is completely eroded, and along with that any human anxiety or pride also seems to shrivel up and vanish.

In these situations, you don’t have to much of yourself to worry about. All you have are the promises of God, and the anticipation and excitement knowing that he is going to do what he’s been aching for so long to do.

“Somehow, he’s going to glorify Jesus in this place. And somehow, he’s calling me to be a part of that.”

This week, I felt this mixture of joy, anticipation, and unshakeable peace as I hurtled down a busy street, the wind blowing through the back of the little rickshaw I was riding in this new city that the Father has called me to.

I could have been unnerved by the fact that my driver kept looking backwards at me as he tried to teach me some more language while navigating the crazy traffic. I could have been worried about the fact that someone could mug me at the next stoplight, but I wasn’t. It was all just so right, and I was so inexplicably happy.

It feels sooo good to lean on our Father in places where we shouldn’t normally be able to live.

“He tends his flock like a shepherd: He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart” (Isaiah 40:11)

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