On the edge...

On my visits home, I get to meet a lot of people who are on the edge of responding to the call of God overseas. People who are drawn to leave, but are also a little unsure, hesitant, and afraid.

They can feel like they’re on the edge of a giant, dark cliff.

For me this can be agonizing, because after jumping off that cliff and living overseas I can see a bit more of the bigger picture. I can see how God would provide for them, I can see the incredible life and ministry they could step into, and I can see the lost people who desperately need the words of life that they can carry.

I long and ache for them to step out.

I imagine this is something like what God feels for us as we deliberate, falter, or even doubt the things that he’s calling us to trust him with. He’s patiently, compassionately drawing us towards some new ground. He’s aching to bless us, to bless the nations, and to see his name honored through his children. If we would just trust him!

I’m sure his heart aches and is grieved as we drag our heels, or sometimes even dig them into the ground. And I’m sure he rejoices at even the little steps of obedience and trust that we take. Like a good Father, he works gently with his children. But his heart must burn with jealous passion, both for us, and for the lost around us.

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