Come on, let's be realistic...

Some people are afraid of becoming a missionary because they’re worried that things might not pan out, or they’ll be stuck without a way to earn money later, or they’ll have nothing to ‘fall back on’ years from now.

The logic is simple: If this doesn’t work out, or when I’m done doing this, I’ll be snookered for life.

Riiight… Let’s think about how reasonable of a thought that is for a second:

The God of the universe has been longing for all eternity to fill the earth with his Good News and glory. He’s been aching for all the poor lost souls trapped in darkness. If there’s one task he’s determined to get done before the end of the world, it’s to have the good news of Jesus spread everywhere.

Now you’re thinking of letting go of your other plans and devoting yourself to this task.

Do you think that God would just leave you–one of his precious workers–high and dry? Do you think he would just schluff you off and leave you to figure out your failed life on your own?!

Come on, let’s be realistic.

We need to remember:

  1. God is a very good, loving Father.
  2. God is super eager to strongly back anyone devoted to what he is passionate about.

Look at how he filled Moses’ life with miracles, provision, and rumbling fire. And our job is more glorious than even his!

“If the ministry that condemns men is glorious, how much more glorious is the ministry that brings righteousness!” (2 Cor 3:9)

So maybe you’re thinking of prying your hands of your current pursuits and ruining your life to go carry the Good News to the darkest places on earth. I’m pretty sure God is infinately stoked about that and he’ll take very good care of you.

Trust him, you’ll be just fine.

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