Good stuff we learn on the apostolic road...

Jesus is calling people to go to the unreached. Is he giving you the desire to:

Embrace and relish change: Want to grow in your trust in God, seeing how he provides for you even if you get ripped away from relationships, family, and community that you know and trust?

Let go: Diving into life among the unreached means surrendering places and positions where you are competent, respected, and comfortable.

Grow your tolerance for the unpredictable: As you step outside of your established and predictable world, you grow your capacity to live in a land where ambiguity, risk, and suspicion lurk.

Strengthen your commitment to the Lord: As you lose confidence in your own ability, plans, and methods, you get learn to know and trust the Lord more.

Get a light, joyful heart: The Father teaches us to live joyfully in the face of challenges. You’ll have to learn to gladly splash buckets of grace over your own failings and on others.

Have a great time with the lost: When you enjoy these fascinating people made in God’s image, you’ll be spurred on to work hard at learning their language, understanding their social cues, and figuring out how to connect and hang out with them. Most of all, you’ll be motivated and envigourated as you taste the sweet fragrance of the good news flowing out in conversation.

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