Why more girls than guys in missions?

Why are there often far more single girls than single guys in missions?

Why are single girls often the first ones running into the darkest, most dangerous places?

It seems like an age old question…

Why was it a woman who dumped her life savings of perfume on Jesus’ feet?

Why was it the women who were the first to get to the tomb, and the first to believe the resurrection?

Why was it women that followed Jesus and the disciples, without any titles or fanfare, helping them and supporting them out of their own means?

So today, why is there a disproportionately small number of guys involved in missions?

Is it because guys are more pre-occupied with their own accomplishments and effectiveness, while girls are more ready to simply give themselves freely?

Is it because guys are more obsessed with lining up a solid career, whereas girls feel they can trust Christ, their husband, to provide?

Is it because guys are actually afraid?

Is it because more guys are stuck in sin?

Is it because guys have worked strengthened their bodies and bank accounts, but haven’t strengthened their hearts in prayer?

Whatever it is, it ain’t right.

Come on guys, let’s go. Brothers, let’s follow the examples of our sisters.

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