God can create connections out of nothing. An Evangelism Story.

We sometimes worry how it can be possible to connect with random people, very different than us in far away places. This story from some friends of mine shows that God can create beautiful connections instantly:

We had about 1 hour then to go out and prayer walk in the town and see if we could maybe talk to people. With that short amount of time my friend Rachel and I and her baby went for a stroll and ended up on a university campus that was quite pretty with a huge mosque on one and a beautiful tea garden in the middle. We spotted some covered girls sitting on a picnic table backwards and since there weren’t many other places to sit we asked if we could use the other side. Of course the immediately turned around when they saw our cute baby and began to chat with us.

They told us about themselves. They were both waiting to go in for their final exam that evening. They asked us what we were doing in their small town and we explained that we are going around praying for the black sea in the name of Jesus. Of course they were very interested in that so we asked them if we could pray for them. They were super friendly and sweet and eagerly wanted us to pray. One needed a job and the other blushed and said she would like a good husband. So we prayed for them.

“What sweet people you are!” they said. “We feel like we have known you for a long time.” One said, “I feel a strange feeling in my heart when I am near you. I don’t know how to describe it, but it’s like a good energy, and peacefulness. I really like this feeling. Maybe it is because you are good people. I can’t describe this special feeling!”

“Well thank you!” we said, “but that is not from us. We are not good people without Jesus.” I then explained how I was living in sin and then how God changed my heart. They were very attentive listeners and as we chatted more I explained my testimony and we explained the gospel to them. My friend then talked about how we try and try to be good and do good works but we keep failing and we are trapped in sin. But Jesus made a way and gave us hope.

They were so warm and responded soo positively to us and our message. We suddenly realized that we needed to go soon so we prayed for them again. They kept exclaiming that they had never opened their hearts this way to strangers and they felt like we were their best friends and they were experiencing a new feeling in their hearts that they never had before! They gave us big hugs and kisses, we went back to meet our friends, got in our cars and drove away!

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