He's sending everyone from everywhere

In the 90s, an African guy went to a Muslim country to work, to do business.

While he was there he met up with other African believers, and they hit the streets, sharing the gospel.

This ruffled a few feathers, and they kept getting stopped and pulled in by the police. But they kept on praying, and kept on getting out there and preaching the good news.

The police got increasingly frustrated and flabberghasted by all this, and not knowing what to do they sent in one of the top chiefs to really intimidate them.

The head police guy came in and they saw he had a terrible skin condition. They asked him how he was doing with compassion, and the police chief explained how brutal his skin problem was. The Africans asked if they could pray for him in the name of Jesus, and he agreed.

Right there in front of them, the skin condition totally vanished. He was healed.

“Go and keep doing what you’re doing!” said the police officer firmly, “No one will bother you anymore.”

God used these African migrants powerfully, and I’m told that the fruit of their labors endures and is bearing fruit to this day.

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