The Gospel can even save people when...

Can the gospel be shared effectively in the most unideal of circumstances? I recently heard a story about a new believer in an unreached group that blew my mind and made me smile.

There was a guy who left his faith and started following Jesus. Naturally his wife and wider family would be upset, hurt, confused, and even angry. But he still told happily told his wife about the good news he believed, and she rejected it time and time again.

Until one day…

It was their anniversary, and sadly this guy completey forgot. Not a good move, forgetting an anniversary in the wake of bringing massive scandal and shame on the family. His wife would not be too happy. So what did he do? (wincing…)

He told her that he had the ultimate present for her. And then instead of pulling out some jewlery he had stashed away, or pressing go on some elaborate surpise plan, he told her the gospel. I know, not exactly the best way to get back in her good books, and definately not the best timing.

But she believed and was saved, right then!

There’s something something so right about the childlike faith and enthusiasm this guy had for the good news. Remember, in his culture the gospel is considered offensive, even blasphemous, and his new faith would have been the ultimate source of shame and grief for his wife. But he knew that it was good, good enough even to tell her on the day he forgot her anniversary!

In spite of everything that was messed up about that situation, he could stand there like an excited little kid and say, “Honey, I know I messed up and you’re upset, but I have the absolutely best thing for you!” He could say this because he knew how good the gospel is, and he knew the joy and peace it would bring.

We can share the gospel with people who hate us, with people who don’t trust us, with people who are prejudiced against us, even with people we’ve dissapointed. The gospel doesn’t need a perfect set of circumstances to come across with power. It’s good enough to save people who are angry with us, or suspicious of us, or are obsessed with their religion, or enthralled by their sin.

I know another guy who shared the gospel with someone who had vowed to kill him in revenge… and he believed too! But that’s another story.

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