Seeing Girls Enthralled by Jesus' Story

How can God use single girls in the Muslim world, in places where people don’t know Jesus? Check out this amazing story from my friends!

We met the girls in the evening at the cafe. I felt like we should talk and share with them, but we were all dead tired. We decided do breakfast in the next morning. They were up early getting ready for us. After one told a historical story about her cities castle with a sad ending, we asked if they like stories with happy endings. “I like stories with right endings,” said Z “Whether or not it is happy it should be right.”

“I know a story that if you look at one way the possibility for it to have a just AND happy ending looks impossible,” we said, “But if you look at it the other way, it is the most beautiful story where Justice and Love meet. Would you like to hear it?”

They eagerly leaned forward to hear the story. We explained from Adam and Eve to Abraham to our own situation and how God is just and must punish sin, but at the same time He loves us SO much and wants us to be with Him. What a dilemma! What can He do?

The girls discussed it among themselves then one girl said, “the only way God can be just but also true to His deep love for us is if he takes our punishment Himself.”

Exactly! Then we explained how God became human, how He was the perfect sacrifice for us and how we have a relationship with God closer than our closest friend. As the girls mulled it over, we asked, “Would you like to have a relationship with God through Jesus Christ?”

One girl looked us in the eyes and said, “Yes! I want a close relationship with God whether through Jesus or our prophet… But if you’re forgiven though Jesus, then aren’t you free to sin as much as you want?”

“Grace doesn’t give us an excuse to sin, grace gives us a reason not to sin. Like the love of a father– you would do anything you could to not hurt him. Because of grace we don’t want to sin” one of us explained. We showed her Romans 6 and she read it out loud and then was quiet.

“I don’t have words to describe the feeling inside of me,” our friend said. “I read the New Testament two years ago, but when you opened it up and showed me these verses, the words spoke to me in a new way! I need to read it again.”

We started bringing the dishes to kitchen preparing to wash them because we would be picked up 20 minutes later. “Leave them!” They said, “We don’t have much time, and we want to keep talking.”

Back at the table all four girls leaned in and asked, “Can you tell us another story? Tell us another story about Jesus!”

We told them about Jesus healing and honoring the woman with the issue of blood. They gasped in surprise when we told how Jesus revealed His identity as Messiah to the woman at the well. Then we prayed for each of them individually.

“Please can I keep this book?” Z asked. Really feeling her hunger for the truth and justice she had tasted that day, we gave her the book. Pray for her and her friends to devour God’s Word ravenously and to drink deeply from God’s living water.

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