The benefits of leaving places and shutting down ministries...

When we’re sent somewhere else, it means we have to leave. Leaving a place is one of the best ways to see that it’s God at work, and not you.

When we let go of our own influence, we see that he is continuing to work, influencing hearts and minds. Of course, without us.

The same is even truer for the departure of big foreign ministry engines and ministry structures overseas. It can (and must) all be removed, and God’s work will continue.

This is not like withdrawing a first world power from a third world war. Those left on the ground will continue to be armed with all the might of heaven, and will learn to move and steward it well.

When we remove foreign leadership and resources, it gives the locals more freedom to be the generals and heroes God is calling them to be.

Do we really trust that this is true? Do we really believe that the might, wisdom, and strategy of heaven comes from the throne room, and not our from own resources or ideas?

Anything less than this understanding is a terrible delusion, and the root of a nasty, controlling, patronizing and suffocating religiosity.

The greatest victory is not in succeeding and rejoicing in our own efforts and effectiveness, but in being able to resign to be nothing and stay enamored only with God’s working and might, even after he’s let us enjoy great victory and witness a season of effective work with him.

We must decrease, he must increase.

We must take our hands off of people, places, ministries, or situations as soon as he tells us to do so. He is continuing to work in these places and needs to demonstrate that his work is not dependent upon any person, ministry, or denomination.

It’s all dependent on him.

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